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Mariánské Lázně


Marienbad - fountain The world famous Spa and health resort Marienbad, part of what is known as the West Bohemian Spa Triangle (Carlsbad, Franzensbad, Marienbad) is situated in a valley, surrounded by woods and protected from western and northern winds by mountain ranges. The natural environment, pure air and the position of this Spa make it one of Czech Republic's foremost Spas. Marienbad is rich in mineral springs and about forty of them are used for therapeutical purposes. The fame of Marienbad treatment is based above all, on a drinking cure using healing spring water rich in free carbon dioxide and mineral salt. The best known is Cross Spring, Rudolph Spring, Carolina Spring and Ferdinand Spring. About 50 km of paths cross its English parks, inviting for relaxing walks. The impressive architecture of the 19th century is typical for most of the buildings. A number of refurbishment projects have been launched in the past few years to restore them to their original splendour. Marienbad offers many sporting possibilities (large stadium, several swimming pools, fitness centers, tennis courts and an 18-hole golf course - one of the best in Europe). MAIN INDICATIONS : - KIDNEY AND URINARY TRACT DISEASES - DISEASES OF THE RESPIRATORY TRACT - DISEASES OF THE MOTORIC SYSTEM - NERVOUS DISEASES - METABOLIC DISEASES AND DISORDERS OF INTERNAL - SECRETION GLANDS: OBESITY, GOUT - DISORDERS OF THE DIGESTIVE SYSTEM - GYNECOLOGICAL AND FERTILITY RELATED DISORDERS TYPES OF SPA TREATMENT : - DRINKING CURES - DIET - CARBONATED BATHS - HYDROTHERAPY - UNDERWATER MASSAGES - MUD WRAPPINGS - MASSAGES - OXYGENOTHERAPY - REFLEX MASSAGES - SEGMENT MASSAGES - CASEOUS CARBONATED WRAPPINGS - INHALATION - GASEOUS INJECTIONS - PARAFFINOTHERAPY - ELECTROTHERAPY


SLAN tour offers full Spa treatment packages (mostly 7, 14 or 21 night stays) including:

  • Spa Hotel or Hotel accommodation
  • Full board (mainly dietary according to the Spa doctor's recommendation)
  • Initial medical check-up and laboratory examinations.
  • Complex Spa treatment according to Spa doctor's recommendation and prescription.
  • Final medical check-up and laboratory examinations.


SLAN tour can also arrange individual Spa treatment stays with free choice of stay duration and free choice of Spa treatment procedures.

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